About Chey Edit

Chey is one of the main characters in A Harry Potter Fanfiction. She and her best friend Paige find out about Hogwarts when they come home to find an owl sitting on the kitchen counter with letters to both of them. Albus Dumbledore then comes into the scene as he explains about Hogwarts. There have been slight sparks with her and Anthony Goldstein as well.

Looks and Personality Edit

Chey is said to have a bright brown face and dark eyes. She has black curly hair. As for her personality, she is a bubbly girl, but she is quite sensitive and quick to fight back. She can also be a little grouchy as expressed here:

"Shut..." Chey growled. "You have not stopped saying that since we left the house."

"Sorry," Paige said, "it's just something new and exciting you know?"

"Yeah, but at least the stationmaster isn't looking at me like I've grown two heads."

Paige glanced over at the stationmaster, but ignored his odd look. "Someone's grumpy."